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Croatia Blog# 6 | Our last 3 days

Updated: Apr 25

On October 4, 2019, our 8th day in Croatia, we left Rovinj and headed for Starigrad. Along the way we saw a green cow. Are those Swiss Army anklets and a blanket?

When we arrived at Paklenica National Park in Starigrad we realized that many of the people who arrived when we did were not there for simple hike up the mountain but for serious rock-climbing.

There is a school for rock climbing here and the variation of faces and heights brings climbers from all over the world to hone their skills.

We did decide not to include the photo of the guy who slipped, bounced off the side of the mountain and broke his leg. However, we can attest to the expertise and professionalism of the rescue patrols. We stuck to the trails.

Hey, it’s rock and we’re climbing up a hill, so yeah, we’re rock climbers. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

What is now a cafe is the location of one of Tito's secret bunkers. One of many built during the cold war by the leader of what was then Yugoslavia to protect him from his “ally”, the Soviet Union under Stalin.

We would have liked to spend more time here but did not want to be traversing rocky paths in the dark and so we headed back to our hotel in time for dinner and saw ...

Day 9 in Croatia takes us to Makarska and the Biokovo Nature Park in the Dinaric Alps Mountain range which runs parallel to the coast of the Adriatic Sea and is part of the Eastern Alps.

The tip of the transmitter is the highest point in Croatia atop the country’s 3rd highest mountain at 1762 meters (5780 ft or 1.1 miles) above sea level and on the highest paved road in Croatia.. To get here, be prepared for numerous curvy switchbacks. Oh, and it’s one lane, so when a bus is coming, you need to back up, along with everyone behind you, and find a patch of shoulder without falling over the edge. Good times.

Church on the highest peak of Biokovo Nature Park, for those seeking to be closer to God.

This road has switchbacks and is a one lane 2-way street, over a series of cliffs… It gets quite “interesting” when large vehicles try to make their way up or down the mountain on this road. Helpful hint: To make your travel up or down a little less “adventurous”, get as close as possible to the back of a bus. It’s like having a giant lineman blocking for you downfield.

Rain pierces the distant clouds while the sun tries to break through and reflect upon the Adriatic Sea.

Herman’s Olive Oil, Honey and GRAPPA at the Vrata Biokova Restoran at the Biokovo Nature Reserve

Herman’s Olive Oil, Honey and GRAPPA at the Vrata Biokova Restoran at the Biokovo Nature Reserve.

Although it's definitely not recommended, rumor has it that if one consumes enough grappa, it takes the switchbacks out of the road for the fastest way down.

Once we made it safely down the mountain we visited the old town of Makarska where we saw..

and ...

It was a great day for weddings in Markaska, here is another couple celebrating

It was a great day for #weddings in Makarska. Here is another couple celebrating.

On our 10th day in Croatia, October 6. 2019, before leaving the town of Makarska, we took a short walk at the St. Peter's Forest Park where we saw....

and ...

We first noticed these "love locks" on the Pont des Beaux Arts in Paris in 2001. Now we find them to be annoying in addition to the danger posed to the structural integrity of the bridges and fences to which people attach them.

On the road to Cavtat we saw some wetlands around Ploce and stopped for a few minutes. Must say, this is more attractive than the American Dream Mall in New Jersey's Meadowlands.

In the afternoon we arrived in Cavtat and took a walk in the old town. We parked by the harbor and began to walk around the village.

Another few steps and we saw this beautiful door

We followed the path away from the harbor and up the hill and then back to the rugged shoreline where beach chairs sit on the rock and ...

Someone standing on a friend's shoulders. I didn't watch to see if a dive from that location took place.

As we continued our walk we saw this magnificent mouser

and these beautiful blue climbers

We walked down another typical Croatian stone alleyway towards the sea

and back to the harbor where we began our walk around Cavtat.

We found October to be a great time to visit Croatia. While tourists are still plentiful, the place is not completely overrun so you can actually enjoy your journey. Airfare is a little more available and affordable as are accommodations than during the high season. The weather for the most part is good although, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, you may want to bring the following with you:

  • a lightweight down vest

  • a lightweight rain-jacket or poncho

  • a lightweight sweatshirt

  • pants with zip-off legs that convert to shorts

  • comfortable walking shoes or better yet, a lightweight pair of hiking shoes

  • if you like to swim, also pack a bathing suit as some days are warm enough for a swim

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Thank you Irene. Hopefully you will be able to visit Croatia soon. You will love it.


This looks like a wonderful addition to my Fall Season bucket list. Your photographs really capture the charm of Croatia. Thank you!

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